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Triskel No. 12 – 2012/12

triskel_12Album des Monats – Dezember
The O`Reillys and the Paddyhats – The Sound of Narrow Streets

CDs und Platten
Daonet ~ Donemat
CelKilt ~ Hey, What’s Under Your Kilt
Grace Griffith ~ Sailing
Rhythmnreel ~ Twenty
Mick Fitzgerald and The Bacha Trio ~ Streetwise
The Scally Cap Brats ~ Let Us Drink,

Triskel No. 11 – 2012/11

triskel_11Album des Monats
The Fatty Farmers ~ Down in the Streets

CDs und Platten
Svenja ~ Give Me Attention ~ live
Bad Penny – Return to the G-Man
Todd Menton ~ The Dolmen Field/Punts
The Mickey Finns ~ Prayers and Idle Chatter
Dirty Artichokes – My Empire of Dirt
Irish Rose ~ Roses’ Dream
The Roughneck Riot – This Is Our Day

Triskel No. 10 – 2012/10

triskel_10Album des Monats
The Bonny Men ~ The Bonny Men

Tooraloo Radio
#26 Dougie MacLean

CDs und Platten
The Lagan – Work away
Lokal Heroes ~ To Be Continued …
Celtica Pipes Rock – Oceans Of Fire
Cúl na Mara ~ As we went out
The Bad Rats ~ Broke EP

Triskel No. 9 – 2012/09

5 Jahre Celtic Rock – Interview mit Daniel

Album des Monats
The Langer’s Ball ~ The Devil Or The Barrel

Tooraloo Radio
#25: Festival-Special Balve und Volmarstein

CDs und Platten
The Levellers ~ Sta­tic On The Air­wa­ves
Aslan ~ Nudie Books And Frenchies
Thomas Lukassek ~ Reed Adventures

Triskel No. 8 – 2012/08

Nobody Knows ~ Lyrik im Anzug

Album des Monats
The Dolmen ~ Storm

CDs und Platten
Cathy Jordan ~ All the Way Home
Albi’s Corner ~ Off The Hook
Zeptepi ~ Winter in the Blood
Nobody Knows ~ Lyrik im Anzug
D. Warfield and The Young Wolfe Tones

Triskel No. 7 – 2012/07

Irish Bastards

Album des Monats
Acoustic Revolution ~ Haunted By Numbers

CDs und Platten
Seth Lakeman ~ Tales from the Barrel House
The Working Class Symphony – Satu Jiwa
Greenland Whalefishers ~ Live at Farmer
Will Tun and The Wasters ~ Time is a bastard
Saints and Sinners ~ Stand By To Board

Triskel No. 6 – 2012/06

Irish Air Festivalguide 2012

Album des Monats
Drunken Lullabies ~ póg mo thóin

CDs und Platten
Bagpipe Hero ~ Caledonia Rock
IONA ~ Another Realm
Whiskey Of The Damned ~ A Damn Good
Drink Hunters ~ With my Crew
Dance to Tipperary ~ Return to me